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The Fringe Of Society

welcome to a day in the poor life of me
i don't belong, i'm on the fringe of society
i get up, it's a nice day but it's raining in my heart
the tears are running down my face why did today have to start?
a question mark on my life - why am i here?
when is this emotional cloud going to clear?

i hear a knock at the door - must be mum
but she just can't imagine why i feel so glum.
no one can, no one will - no one could ever understand
except for the used - cause they're my favourite band.

my shoes and shirt and pants are black and so is my hair
i fell in love with a girl at school today but she doesn't care.
everyday of my life runs rife with strife and emotional issues
oh quick it's happening again - get me my tissues.


its just a fad, being drab, down dreary and blue
we've all got problems the world doesnt just revolve around you
so caught up in your own emotions that it's hard to realise
that there is more to life than the fringe hanging in front of your eyes

so step back from your self involved fantasy of depression
dashboard confessional albums go on for hrs and hrs
stop hanging out at the towers and always looking so sour
cos it's a beautiful day,

my shoes and shirt and pants are black and so is my hair
i fell in love with a girl at school today but she doesn't care.
everyday of my life runs rife with strife and emotional issues
oh quick it's happening again - get me my tissues.


I'm sorry, Mum and Dad, so sorry, I couldn't make you glad

Sorry Mum and Dad for everything i've done wrong
Sorry Mum and Dad I couldnt write a better song
Sorry that I ever stole money from your purse
Sorry I walked in when you were dressed as a nurse

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Aeronautical

I wield words as weapons, thats why im not scared of steppin,
on the toes of those who think that theyre reppin
some tough guy act, so dont react physically
a real mc could beat me down lyrically
so why the puzzled looks on your face when i deliver the rhymes
its a sign of the times, i don't talk about crimes
cos i don't commit em, neither do you
you say your keeping it real, but never keeping it true
BLUE Suitable style, we're serious and funny make you think when you smile
so while you sit, contemplate what you do
think before you act, and get a fucking clue

so who threw away their individuality
lost in someone elses version of reality
its overplayed, and its really overrated,
if you wanna be yourself, keep these things separated
what you've got to do is listen and appreciate
the themes styles and ideas others create
so elaborate your style, beyond what youve seen on the streets
or heard in the beat, be the shepard not the sheep
you can't compete if your just another clone
with someone elses style and your own microphone
but dont take it from us cos its somethin we need
we're just plantin the thoughts of intellectual seed
so take heed feed the seed and make it grow
if you want the fertilizer see us after the show

so, take another lesson from a teacher who is stressin
that this is a blessin and i be confessin never messin around
and heres another lesson cos i saw you stressin and guessin
over this blessin im confessin never messin around (x2)

i wield words as weapons, to win battles and wars,
but its a war within myself and not to win the applause
of the crowd but get loud cos your allowed to cheer, and now the sound is here, soak in the atmosphere,
whether your on stage bringin the beat
or if you're out on the dancefloor and your movin your feet
its all sweet, cos we feed off each other like it were cannibalistic,
so can i balistik PLEASE...
drop another line or drop another verse
narr sorry man cos thats all we ever rehearsed

The Game Of Life

Day after messy mornings mind hazy and clouded
My path today, seems cleverly shrouded
In a mist of mystery a twist of fate
Turning day to night and night to day

And i be wishin i could start off with a sunny disposition
on this mission to face another daily grind-ing away,
rewinding, press play, slow motion, is how i feel today
press pause and find a plausible reason to wake up
make up an excuse to take up more time-out
i'm in denial, fake a smile,
to work out if last night was really worthwhile
freestylin as i'm vibin with the feelings of the evening
and what i'm saying, i really believe in
i numbed my sense, tore down my defenses
couldn't be bothered with any false pretenses
pretentious, potentially the best and the worst simultaneous
interfered with miscellaneous thoughts
path forked and i don't know what i ought to choose
they say it's how you play the game not if you win or lose

The Game of Life has many twists and turns
So many rules and lessons that you have to learn

My brainwaves, are a disaster still
still filled with thoughts running overtime
but underminded, by other minds, i'm out of time
with a whole day ahead of me,
theres nothing left in me
my worst has got the best of me
but I know i could never be alone in my own company
it's comforting to know


What path has led me here to be shaped like this?
made like this, played in the trading game for this
and now i sit writing, channel feelings, hazy and clouded
can't pinpoint the source now i'm doubting
myself and my actions, bad predicament i'm clashin
wishin there was somewhere else for me to spread my passion
rational thought, my slavedriver,
capacity for choice and thought, leaves no survivors
for acts of instinct, or acts of impulse
so act on the instant or be left feeling distant
detached, but stuck half way,
in a limbo of pushing and pulling it's like night and day

Timeout i'm in denial, fake a smile
to work out if last nite was really worthwhile


The issue at hand really concerns a shady character,
a shit talking fool acting pro but he's amatuer
Too much attention on talking the talk,
he fakes injury when it comes to walkin the walk,
so he's a fake? a phony creating a mould,
trying to paint the outer layer of his image in gold, your told to be yourself but he acts like someone else
this attitude is resisting the movement
of improvement possible if he chooses, the right way.
quit the image, wake up, have a nice day,
why say things that will raise expectations
from those you call friends and those called accquaintances
the difference is the level of friendship, see how far you can bend it
to your advantage, amplifying a reflection the size of three times what your worth

You can't buy credibility cos talk is cheap
It's your responsibility to earn your keep
So keep on doing what your doin but we know it's gonna stack up
Don't talk shit, that you can't back up!

Talk yourself up, before your ego knocks down
and you drown in another worthless lie
why do you try to make out that your so important?
talkin shit to anyone who doesn't ignore it
but your forcin out,
This tired diatribe,
Narr really bro i'm one hell of a guy
This tired diatribe
Narr for real bro my mate can get you guys signed
But i highly doubt that you have this mate
You lack in ability so you compensate with,
This tired diatribe
This tired diatribe

You've never told a story that could be perceived as credible
still talkin shit so eat your words and find out if she is edible
indelible ink sinks in so think before you tinker with the idea
of me swallowing your story,
Hook line sinker and lure
this shit talker is still talkin manure
so don't call me to say, your mate can hook me up with anything
or everything, fuck it, don't ever ring
my phone or my doorbell,
you're just another bullshit salesman, with something to sell


Instead of being true yourself pullin on the stealth tactics,
livin in the shadows of your image with an atlas
to guide you, to the areas that look sick,
act like this, buy this bullshit
without havin a clue whatever you do alludes you,
understanding is concept that's lost,
on a toss like the one personified in the words just preceding,
i've finished my verse now i'm done im leaving

This tired diatribe
You can't buy credibility


The scene, sets as ciggarettes are lit with lighters
walk the weaving road of falsity to reach apparent kindness
but devices, of social lubrication are a character assasination
here i stand facin the adjacent person wastin my time
with shallow greetings and a smile,
why deny the fact there is no need for us to interact
its just a system, like a piston in the engine
gear yourself for the reality that they not really listening

Faces, multiple, owner of a false persona
turns out to be a loner and i use this microphone to,
diss the people honestly, dishonesty is what you see most probably
they're robbin the economy of self wealth or worth,
is it really worth this, makin yourself worthless
so it hurts less whats your purpose are you nervous
about people findin out who you are beneath the surface?

So i take you, on a journey through the neighbourhood see the exterior,
actin all superior but on the interior they're steerin ya along, a road of deception, but stop - At the intersection,
Question, why, their livin a lie
Hey man how you doin? I wish you would die
oh shit wait a minute i guess thats a bit drastic
thers only so far you can bend the elastic
before it breaks or snaps back to its original shape
this is the past calling, and you don't wanna be late

First day, high school, get ya parents to drop you off
around the corner cos your older brother warned ya
the cool kids would ignore you if they saw you with your parents,
but you've already seen them and through their transparence
evidence that from day one,
you'd have to climb the social ladder rung by rung,
sometimes you compromise your sense of self to be accepted
not rejected by the in crowd so proud of being self centred,
I vented and told you what I really thought about the doubt
I had within becos i was without a reason,
to be believing the season was changing
ranging from summer to my face and winter to my back,
I caught the icy cold stare and had to react,
with a spring in my step, i pulled the knife from my back
turned around, with great haste
i wanted to see if you would say these things to my face,
of course you wouldn't, of course you couldn't,
maybe you shouldn't have pretended,
cos now the friendship has ended
what the fuck were you thinking?
like the olympic rings social circles are linking,
just be honest is it really that hard
to be straight up with a person don't play them like a card


Summer days with heat waves have got me hot n sweaty
still i'm ready for the season that keeps the world steady
in a balanced, scale, weigh it up and see which part of the year
seems to make you feel free and value ice cold beer
cos i know, it comes after spring,
clothes come off and we run off to the beach for a swim
and a perve, so remember to pack your sunglasses
cos you don't wanna get caught, pervin on their asses
but the chicks, have gotta know this,
it's simply admiration of a beautiful figure that makes it click
Go sick, go ill, go party, live it up
It's the end of the year so make sure you've done enough

It's Summer

Well the day seems longer and the night seems shorter
and I bought enough beer for us to get slaughtered
and I caught a girl lookin at you out of the corner of her eye
Why? Maybe she wants some summer lovin
Is it just the heat? Or am i just on heat
cos all i wanna see girls wearing is the thongs on their feet
Shit man, act cool, i think she's seen me
Who? The cutie over there in the tiny bikini
she's scary lookin man, was that a joke?
Ohh i'm goin back home i think i've got sunstroke
cos nothing is as good or can quite compare
to the feeling of a house with freezing air conditioning

It's Summer

It's the holidays or daze for hip hop to drop,
i'm tryna sleep in my sheets but it's too damn hot,
so i turn on the fans to get some air circulation,
I drift off to sleep but the cicadas are makin too much noise
So boys, could you please cut it out for a bit?
cos i gotta get some shut-eye and i really do think
we'd be much better off if you stopped for a second,
come on, i asked nicely, whaddya reckon?
and they stopped...
but only for a second or two, i was pissed but there was nothin i could do
so i threw on my t-shirt, shorts and thongs
went to the front door and somethin went wrong
i stepped out, Phwoooar!
I shoulda warned ya!
Walkin outside the house into a damn saunainto a damn sauna
Its times like this i think winters the shit,
I get to wear my hoody, but that's about it

It's not just about the girls it's about having good times
Hangin out with your mates and writing some good rhymes
or maybe some bad ones, as long as you have fun
and if you can do it, stay out of the sun!


I'm a resident of the present,
it should be evident that im the president of my actions,
catchin on to whats here in front of me
never runnin from somethin i cannot see
I know what in wanna be
but i know i don't have a path to follow,
today or tomorrow may bring sorrow
but this story has a moral,
it's learn from the past, experience will deliver you
to your present state and its tracin your fate,
to where you are now, but are you thinkin about whats goin on
or what could be going wrong, or what has happened,
or what hasn't its a pattern of thought
caught in these loops i ought to break free!
Impulsively denying impulsive actions,
cos you're acting based on others and their reactions,
but it doesnt always happen how you'd imagine

Hesitance, will turn present to past tense
So make up your mind and stop sitting on the fence
Each day goes by with opportunities,
it's lunacy if you fail to recognise the chances that pass,
so make them and use them take them abuse them
navigate the map contemplating and choosing
which destiny seems fit for me?
do I overanalyse the inner workings of my mind?
This capacity for self reflection with audacity
will tackle me and pin me down, just another casualty
some strategy i've got here, predicament is difficult,
do i give in to the moment or get caught up in residual
wanderings through the forest of my mind
trying to define and discover

Don't get hung up, thinkin about a girl who might hang up
or stay up stressing about a test you might fuck up,
or look up to the sky what do I have to give up? i'm fed up (x2)

Supposed to have dreams and aspirations,
looking forward looking back but never to the situation at hand
random incidents, incidental and instrumental in creatin the stencil,
the outline, there's a fine line between taking time and wasting it

A stroke of the brush is like a moment in the day,
many errors are made but you can't make them go away,
it is necessary to grasp the concept,
dont kick back and relax it's time to introspect,
use your intellect to put each day into perspective,
life you won't perfect it, step back and get with
the bigger picture, you paint your own portrait so understand this,
the best works of art have mistakes on the canvas

The Team

We are all existing in a world of a symbolic society
learnin how to be a vermin racin from variety
9 to 5 8hrs 5 days in a row then you recover your identity
realising what you meant to be
STILL, we're stuck cos the money is the goal
STILL, consumerism has a hold on the whole
ideology, logic dictates to give yourself in
logic in this capitalist world that we're in
its a sin to say fuck it and just follow your dreams
so whats your status in the crop are you a flop or the cream?

Join the team son
Because we're playin for keeps
Join the team son
Get to the top of the heap
Join the team son
And buy as much as you can
Play the monopoly economy and stick to the plan

Are you really living? it looks more like a bad excuse
is that a tie you wear to work its lookin way more like a noose
around your neck i suspect, yeh i have a suspicion
that the way you live you life is only partly your decision
trying to live up to the worlds expectations
but i know greed was the downfall of many wealthy nations
as im sure it'll be the same in your situation
participation in the climbing of the corporate ladder
will get you to the same place in the end it doesnt matter
6 feet under in a really fancy coffin people scoffin
because you thought that you had so much, but really you had nothin


Join the team i hear ya say
should i be rich and bitch consistently
or content with life and poor with financial inconcsistency
or insecurity, get a secure apartment in the inner city
whaddya pay for rent each week? About two fiddy
a downpayment on a happy future livin the high life dream
but however you think it seems it wont change low self esteem
you can't buy your friends, but social structure recommends
that financial gain can make amends, I guess it all depends
on the company you keep, is it incorporated or do you hang out on the street
or on the week - end, how much money do you spend?
Ss it the golden handshake or a hand they they will lend?
in times of need,
no need for greed
get back to your nature no-one is gonna rate ya
on the colour of your collar or the dollar amount you earn
yes this is the essence of the lesson you should learn

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